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“Thanks for letting me try your facial mask. It was easy to apply and my face felt very soft afterwards...and I will gladly use it again. I am looking forward to trying it for a month to see what the outcome will be. Once again, Thank you!”
- Judy T., 2013

“Hey there! I tried the face mask last night! I am not quite sure what it does but I absolutely love it, I want to get more of it. My skin seriously has never been so soft. could it possibly give me a facelift... or was that just the egg whites? Seems like my pores are smaller. My skin is virtually flawless.. haha just kidding about the flawless part. Seriously do love it though thank you. I would like to continue to try it to see what it can do. I need some help over here in the skin Department!”
- Name Withheld - 2013

“Hey so I tried the face mask and as far as amount goes I would say it’s the perfect amount. I had about a Tablespoon left after I applied it liberally. I like the consistency and my skin felt smooth afterwards so immediate results. :)”
- Melissa M., 2013

Here are a few more very satisfied Splendyr reviews for our Splendyr skin mask:

“Splendyr’s anti-wrinkle face cream is wonderful. It has helped smooth out my fine lines and wrinkles and even helps with occasional puffiness from allergies. I love it.”
- Anonymous

“I have finished my free bottle. Do you automatically send me more? I loved the results. Does it come in a larger size? Thanks,”
- K. Smith

“I’ve purchased the Splendyr skin cream and absolutely love it. If I wish to purchase more of Splendyr, please tell me how to do that and how much.
- Sara F.

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